Practical Info

Winter : 1st December to 30 April

FBO operating hours (UTC):

0630 – 2000UTC Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

0630 – 2100UTC Friday

Extensions possible on request to

Please consult NOTAM for information on refuelling and Fire Category.

Control Tower operating hours: Please consult NOTAM

PPRs allocation: 

For all commercial and private flights please send us a handling request via MyHandling. You will be allocated a PPR according to slots availabily and our parking capacity.


  • From Friday to Sunday nights, parking capacity is limited: requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • No hangar is available at the airport.

Find out more about SUMMER  opening hours – from 30 April 2014. (drop-down pane)



Flights are handled at the Main Terminal between 30 April and 01 December

The Business Terminal may be opened on request, based on availabilities.

Control Tower operating hours: Please consult NOTAM

Main Terminal operating hours (UTC): 

From Monday to Friday (LT): 0800 - 1800

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays* (LT): 0900 - 1800

*Public Holidays: 1 May, 8 May, Ascension Thursday, Whit Monday, 14 July, 15 August, 1 November and 11 November.