VINCI Airports Executive Handling: a quality label for exceptional expertise


VINCI Airports launched the VINCI Airports Executive Handling label in 2018 to guarantee and excellent service for its customers at each airport of the network.

This label:

  • Harmonises operational processes over the entire network
  • Optimises standards and objectives for the quality of services
  • Contributes to passenger and crew satisfaction.

VINCI Airports Executive Handling is the guarantee of an outstanding customer experience.

Iryna Tissot, Business Aviation Manager at VINCI Airports.

Values associated with this label:

At VINCI Airports, Business Aviation is driven by the following values:

  • The attention to detail given to each of the services offered
  • Staff flexibility and responsiveness
  • The confidentiality and privacy offered to passengers
  • Safety for everyone.

When you choose VINCI Airports Executive Handling, you are opting for a smooth and hight-quality service for every customer. VINCI Airports is committed to offering operators, crews and passengers the best customer experience.

The network has five terminals strategically located in France, all entirely dedicated to Business Aviation.

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